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Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Course Description

Whether you are watching a famous athlete make an unbelievable play or witnessing a sensational singing performance, the world of sports and entertainment is never boring. Although it may seem impossible for you to be a part of this glittery world, it’s not! The Sports and Entertainment Marketing field offers careers that combine entertainment with traditional marketing, but with a whole lot more glamour. Explore basic marketing principles while delving deeper into the multibillion dollar sports and entertainment industry. Learn how professional athletes, sports teams, and famous entertainers are marketed as commodities and how the savvy people who handle these deals can become very successful. This course will show you exactly how things work behind the scenes of a major entertainment event and how you can be part of the act.


Unit 1: Basic Principles of Marketing

Unit 2: Introduction to Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Unit 3: Principles of Effective Sports and Entertainment Marketing in the 21st Century

Unit 4: Diversity and Demographics

Unit 5: Event Marketing

Unit 6: Product Marketing

Unit 7: Sponsorships and Endorsements

Unit 8: Finances

Unit 9: Careers in Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Unit 10:Societal and Cultural Influences

Course Dates

Each course will run for a duration of 16 weeks




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