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Leadership and Supervision in Business


In this course, students are introduced to core functions related to leadership and supervision. The student will examine the supervisory role and the skills required to act in the capacity of supervisor. The student will also gain insight into contemporary issues related to supervising in today’s work environment.


  • Examine the supervisory role
  • Examine human resource issues that impact supervisory roles in the work place
  • Determine effective communication and mediums to facilitate productivity in the work environment
  • Distinguish between various methods employed to appraise employee performance
  • Distinguish between various motivation techniques used to achieve work environment goals
  • Determine what is considered a safe workplace and the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Determine effective approaches to contract negotiation with labor unions


Connections Learning courses start every week on a Tuesday. The start and end dates for each semester are listed below:

Fall Semester Start Date 8/1/2018

Last Enrollment date for Fall 12/7/2018

Fall Semester End Date 1/7/2019


Spring Semester Start Date 1/8/2019

Last Enrollment date for Spring 4/9/2019

Spring Semester End Date 6/14/2019

Once enrolled we will be in touch to confirm your preferred start date and advise of the next steps

Each course will run for a duration of 16 weeks.


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