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Investing in the Stock Market


This course will analyze the stock market’s history, current trends, and future possibilities. Students will participate in a realistic stock market simulation in which each student has $1 million to invest. The game will continue throughout the duration of the course during which the following topics will be addressed: reading and understanding stock quotes, the Dow and other indexes, online investing and company research, bull and bear markets, factors affecting stock price, risk management, P/E ratios, dividends, earnings per share, stock splits, trading, investment plans, and annual reports (balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements).

Students will be graded on weekly stock reports showing their profit/loss on their investment portfolio using a spreadsheet that includes graphs, a time-line showing the history of the stock market, a PowerPoint presentation outlining their investment decisions and company research during the stock market game, weekly discussions/essays focusing on the current weekly happenings in the stock market, a monthly newsletter highlighting current company news of companies invested in, and various tests and quizzes


  • To be able to read and understand stock market quotes from an online source, newspaper, or television news program.
  • To utilize a spreadsheet to track and graph the on-going performance of an investment portfolio.
  • To utilize the internet as a research tool in investigating company statistics and data.
  • To become familiar with, understand, and analyze the two basic financial statements used by businesses, the income statement and the balance sheet.
  • To create a PowerPoint presentation of the student’s investment portfolio and become active in our online end-of-the-year exhibition.


VHS courses follow an academic calendar and run for 15 weeks:

Fall 2018

Sept 5th - Dec 18th, 2018 (15 wks)

Spring 2019

January 23rd - May 7th 2019, (15 wks)



Click here to view the course syllabus


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