Forensics will provide students with an in-depth knowledge of techniques and strategies used by forensic scientists. They will learn the steps involved in analyzing a crime scene in order to provide evidence that will be admissible in a court of law. Emphasis is placed on the investigative process. They will get a detailed knowledge of the industry in order to explore the potential for careers in forensic science.

Students will research different methods that forensic scientists use to solve crimes and analyze crime scene data to solve crimes themselves. Topics include collecting evidence, fingerprinting, blood-typing, ballistics, trace evidence, anthropology, and of course, DNA!


  • Gain a thorough understanding of forensics and its applications.
  • Develop an appreciation for the investigative process.
  • Discover potential career opportunities in the field of forensic science


VHS courses follow an academic calendar and run for 15 weeks:

Fall 2018

Sept 5th - Dec 18th, 2018 (15 wks)

Spring 2019

January 23rd - May 7th 2019, (15 wks)


Successful completion of a full year (or equivalent) of biology.

Click here to view the course syllabus.


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