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Fashion and Interior Design

Course Description

Do you have a flair for fashion? Are you constantly looking for new ways to decorate or design your room? If so, Fashion and Interior Design is the course for you. Explore the world of design and begin to understand the background and knowledge needed to develop a career in this exciting field. Try your hand at designing through a project-based process, learning how color, composition, and texture can all affect great aesthetics. You’ll develop the essential communications skills necessary to build a successful business and begin to develop the kind of portfolio that will lead to future career opportunities. Perhaps it’s time to get your stylish foot in the door.


Unit 1: Introduction to Fashion and Interior Design

Unit 2: Building Basic Skills for the Design Industry

Unit 3: Tools of the Trade

Unit 4: Sewing and Technology

Unit 5: Clothing

Unit 6: Fashion Design Project

Unit 7: Interior and Environmental Design

Unit 8: Considering Interior Design

Unit 9: Interior Design Project

Unit 10: Presenting as a Professional

Course Dates

Each course will run for a duration of 16 weeks



Materials Required

Clothing items

Sewing Machine

Digital Camera



Clothing Patterns

Measuring Tape





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