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Concepts of Engineering and Technology

Course Description

What if you could do the impossible? Engineers understand a lot of things, but the word impossible definitely isn’t one of them. Through Concepts of Engineering and Technology, you’ll learn how the momentum of science is continually propelling engineers in new directions towards a future full of insight and opportunity. This course explores the different branches of engineering and how problem-solving, sketching, collaboration, and experimentation can change the very fiber of our human lives. This ever-increasing knowledge can also lead to serious ethical dilemmas and the need to discuss where the boundaries of science lie (or even if there should be boundaries). By examining astounding engineering feats and complex ongoing issues, you, too, will begin to question whether the word impossible really exists.


Unit 1: Development and Understanding of Engineering

Unit 2: Intro to Engineering: Making Problems into Ideas

Unit 3: From Sketches to Products

Unit 4: Civil Engineering

Unit 5: Mechanical Engineering

Unit 6: Chemical Engineering

Unit 7: Biological Engineering

Unit 8: “Impossible” Engineering (IE)

Course Dates

Each course will run for a duration of 16 weeks




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