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    Consilience Online provides online courses that challenge, enrich and extend any curriculum or program of study. All of our courses are available for High School students.


    Consilience Online Learning Services also offers Instructional Design services to help you build your own online program. Email us at info@consiliencelearning.org if you'd like to learn more.

    Our Courses

    Our courses are:

    • Carefully selected 
    • Relevant
    • Rigorous
    • Asynchronous 
    • Interactive
    • Globally inclusive
    • 100% online
    • 1 - 16 weeks in duration


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    Career and Technical, World Languages, Dual Credit and more....

    All courses are available for High School students

    All courses are worth .5 HS credit unless otherwise noted on the course page

    High School,Career and Technical,eDynamic
    Course Description Ever wonder what it’s like to be a hacker? Or think about who is trying to steal your passwords while you’re shopping online using the free Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop? Can someone be watching your personal, private information? Can anything be kept “secret” online? We...
    High School,Career and Technical,eDynamic
    Course Description Whether you are watching a famous athlete make an unbelievable play or witnessing a sensational singing performance, the world of sports and entertainment is never boring. Although it may seem impossible for you to be a part of this glittery world, it’s not! The Sports and...
    High School,Career and Technical,eDynamic
    Course Description Have a Facebook account? What about Twitter? Whether you’ve already dipped your toes in the waters of social media or are still standing on the shore wondering what to make of it all, learning how to interact on social media platforms is crucial to surviving and thriving in...
    High School,Career and Technical,eDynamic
    Course Description Do you have a flair for fashion? Are you constantly looking for new ways to decorate or design your room? If so, Fashion and Interior Design is the course for you. Explore the world of design and begin to understand the background and knowledge needed to develop a career in...
    High School,Career and Technical,eDynamic
    Course Description What if you could do the impossible? Engineers understand a lot of things, but the word impossible definitely isn’t one of them. Through Concepts of Engineering and Technology, you’ll learn how the momentum of science is continually propelling engineers in new directions...
    Dual Credit,SOPHIA,High School
    COURSE DESCRIPTION This U.S. History I course uses problem­-based learning that shows you how to apply your knowledge in real­-world situations. Our Many Ways™ learning model features a range of instructional materials to support your individual learning preference. This rich, immersive...
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  • Consilience Online Academy Institutional Enrollment Program


    The Consilience provision for online services for schools and institutions provides opportunities for educational institutions to implement and integrate fully serviced online learning opportunities for students across a range of levels and course topics. Our infrastructure and established services enable schools and organisations to establish and integrate online learning into their curriculum with speed and efficiency.

    Preparing Your Students:

    All of our courses are available to students worldwide. Utilizing established online learning environments across our broad range of established partnerships, Consilience Online Academy’s online courses breakdown geographic barriers allowing schools to offer a broader range of course topics that students may otherwise not have access to both enriching and extending their learning way beyond the walls of the classroom. Such opportunities also equip students for college where over a quarter of students now take at least one course online (Online Report Card – Tracking Online Education in the United States).


    For our full course list, please visit: http://www.clearningonline.org/

    Program Details:

    Program Fees:

    Annual, renewable membership fee of INR 35,000


    • Consilience Online Academy appointed single point of contact who will provide:

      • Course selection and pricing services

      • Dedicated enrollment and registration services

      • Dedicated weekly progress reporting and issue escalation for all students and courses

    To learn more or sign up, email us at info@clearning.org

  • Micro-credentials

    Showcase your knowledge and skills

    Learn more about Consilience micro-credentials HERE


    Consilience Online is excited to be offering a growing series of micro-credentials. There are three available pathways known as stacks:


    Maker Educator

    A series of Maker Learning focused micro-credentials for educators that want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills of Maker Learning pedagogy, philosophy, tools, materials and practices.


    Google Suite for Education

    A series of micro-credentials for the educator looking to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in relation to enhancing teaching and learning with Google Suite


    Tech Tools for Educators

    A range of micro-credentials for the educator looking to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in relation to enhancing teaching and learning with the use of technology


    Upon successful completion of each micro-credential, participants will receive a badge that serves as recognition for their skills and knowledge and application in the classroom. The digital badges will contain links to meta-data that will serve as evidence of the work completed and artifacts submitted.


    Successful participants completing ALL micro-credentials in a 'stack' will also receive a Certificate.


    $25 Each


    Click on the catalog link below to explore a full list of our micro-credentials available. Enroll directly from the catalog.

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